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What is a Website?

A (successful) Website is an Answer. Potential clients don’t stumble upon your website by accident, they show up with a question they need answered:

  • “Where can I buy a pair of brown shoes?”
  • “How do I prepare for a job interview?”
  • “How do I make my website really work?”

Don’t waste a potential new customer’s time; you have only moments before they click to the next website.

Convince the visitor that your website is the one to answer their question. Convince the visitor that you are a professional worth listening to and offer the products, services, and resources they seek.

What I do?

I work with my clients to understand their business and create professional websites that answer real questions. I help you craft the content so it makes sense to your potential clients and to search engines.

I help my clients understand ‘social media’, blogs, eZines, etc. and develop strategies that work for them to put these tools to work promoting their business.

Call me for a free consultation on how I can help you optimize your online marketing – (480) 525-7515.

I can charge an hourly rate but also offer package deals that add predictability to your budget and time frame for getting your site up and running.


I have been working with small businesses for ten years and have learned not only how to build effective websites, but also how to build successful businesses. Need an impartial sounding board to review your business practices? Need some outside-the-box thinking on how to expand your business? I’ve seen the strengths and weaknesses inside large and small businesses and know how to maximize success.

James FryerAbout James Fryer

James Fryer, the proprietor Web Media Answers, was born in Manhattan and received a BFA  from the Rhode Island School of Design. James continued his design education a few years later and received a Masters from North Carolina State University in 1998. One year earlier in 1997, James began developing web sites. This continued his long tradition of self learning. That same year James married Jennifer Sprague. He now lives with his wife Jennifer, son Robert, two cats (Jack and Pearl), and dog Cleo in Phoenix Arizona.

James worked as an Industrial Designer developing office furniture and consumer goods for several years before shifting to website design full time in 2003.