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Google Voice

The reason to use Google Voice is that it lets you use your existing phones. So you can use your home phone, but the person on the other end only every sees your Google Voice number. Google Voice is a free virtual telephone number. It’s not a physical phone. Calls to your Google Voice number [Read More]

Getting Started With SEO

The following is a list of a few helpful resources to get started with understanding and implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of getting your site into good shape so that search engines can find your content, index it, and then serve it up to people who are searching for it. The [Read More]

Free RAW Editor: Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee (THe Experimental RAw Photo Editor) is a treasure for digital photographers who shoot in RAW. It supports many RAW files types from the most popular Digital SLRs, details on supported cameras can be found on their site. Raw Therapee opens and edits RAW files. Just point it to a directory of RAW files [Read More]

Safari on Windows?

I need to have a Mac if for nothing else so I can test and debug the web sites I create. Every browser has its quirks and some of the sites I work on have a higher then average Safari user base. That’s one reason I bought the MacBook last year, even though I primarily [Read More]

Portable WordPress

OK, so now you have XAMPP on your flash drive and you’re showing it off to all your friends. One of them (the wise-guy) will ask, “uhhhh… so, what’s that good for?” DOH! Well, here is an idea to avoid this moment of embarrassment and shame, “Well.” you say, “I use it as a development [Read More]

XAMPP: The Easy and Simple Web Server

Are you an HTML and CSS jokey like me who needs to occasionally dabble in the magical art of PHP, or some other, server side environment? Are you deathly afraid of and confused by this stuff. Me too. But I found XAMPP a couple of years ago and it is a simple and easy web [Read More]

Newsletter #4

Oops, looks like I missed an issue or two. No worries, I will refund all subscriptions fees for the past two months. I was too fat and bloated from the holidays to reach my keyboard, but I am back now. This installment is designed to make you paranoid as I am discussing, once again, Scammers [Read More]

The Return of the Peek-A-Boo

I thought the Internet Explorer 7 had fixed the peek-a-boo bug, but I was wrong, it is still there. I came across this while creating a new site with a floated element. My jaw nearly fell off when I launched the new site in IE7 and saw the floated element disappear. The text in the [Read More]

Newsletter #3

In This Issue Main Feature: Data Backup The Google: Google Docs Client Spotlight: DR. David Kruger: MentorPath.com Recommended Site: Techdirt.com FreeWare: FileZilla & YouSendIt.com Web Tech Revealed: What is Flash Anyway? Welcome the third installment of the JFDS Newsletter. If you get tired of it, just let me know and I will remove your email [Read More]

Newsletter #2

In This Issue: Main Feature: Blogs The Google: Gmail and Google Calendar Recommended Site: DownloadSquad.com FreeWare: Open Office Web Tech Revealed: What is HTML Anyway? What is SEO Anyway? Hello again, here is the new JFDS Newsletter. The newsletter is now regularly scheduled for the 12th (or sometimes the 13th) of each month. If you [Read More]


I have published the second Crucible Design Newsletter, but the first ‘professional’ one. Each newsletter will be archived on a brand new blog I setup just for that. If you missed both links above, here it is: http://cdnewsletter.wordpress.com

Newsletter #1

New Phishing Threats Typically, a “Phishing” scam takes the form of an email that you would receive from a large company that you may have an account with. Ebay, PayPal, and City Bank have been some of the most common companies that have been used as a cover. Though Phishing emails may appear to be [Read More]

Dotster ‘does’ web design

Dotster now offers 'custom' web design. The part I like best is, "And the best part is our services are affordable, starting at just $199 for a basic 1-page site." Yeah, $200 for one page, what a deal. And what do they mean by custom? Their service starts at the 'Basic' level where the sucker [Read More]

sweet new blog

Found a sweet new blog for people who like to make stuff, check it out – Make:.

Et tu, Google?

Oh brother, here we go again. It  was not enough that Microsoft wanted to take my business (web design for small businesses), but now Google has jumped in as well. Yesterday Google launched Google Pages, and it looks like the best low-tech HTML web site builder I have seen. It is free and has no [Read More]

Oh, great, now Microsoft is after me

I design web sites for small businesses and I think I do a good job of it at a good price. Now, Microsoft is going after my slim little business with their new Office Live project. They are giving small businesses domain names, web hosting services, and web site design tools away, for free. I [Read More]

Scam Alert : Shopper Discounts & Rewards

Well, I have just had a nasty little shock. At the end of one of my transactions with Dotster.com, I opted to get a $10 rebate. This required that I sign up with Shopper Discounts & Rewards (shopperdiscountsandrewards.com). Nowhere in the offer did it mention that there was a $9 monthly charge for this ‘service’ [Read More]

COX – overpriced and unreliable

I have lived with COX in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area (internet and cable tv) for three years, the last two have been truly dreadful. My main complaint is that they continually change their services without notice in an effort to get the customer to pay more. For instance, they have changed their internet services [Read More]