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Newsletter #4

Oops, looks like I missed an issue or two. No worries, I will refund all subscriptions fees for the past two months. I was too fat and bloated from the holidays to reach my keyboard, but I am back now. This installment is designed to make you paranoid as I am discussing, once again, Scammers [Read More]

Newsletter #3

In This Issue Main Feature: Data Backup The Google: Google Docs Client Spotlight: DR. David Kruger: MentorPath.com Recommended Site: Techdirt.com FreeWare: FileZilla & YouSendIt.com Web Tech Revealed: What is Flash Anyway? Welcome the third installment of the JFDS Newsletter. If you get tired of it, just let me know and I will remove your email [Read More]

Newsletter #2

In This Issue: Main Feature: Blogs The Google: Gmail and Google Calendar Recommended Site: DownloadSquad.com FreeWare: Open Office Web Tech Revealed: What is HTML Anyway? What is SEO Anyway? Hello again, here is the new JFDS Newsletter. The newsletter is now regularly scheduled for the 12th (or sometimes the 13th) of each month. If you [Read More]

Newsletter #1

New Phishing Threats Typically, a “Phishing” scam takes the form of an email that you would receive from a large company that you may have an account with. Ebay, PayPal, and City Bank have been some of the most common companies that have been used as a cover. Though Phishing emails may appear to be [Read More]