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Scam Alert : Reservation Rewards

Seems like the scams just keep on coming from Shopper Discounts & Rewards (shopperdiscountsandrewards.com). I found a charge on my credit card bill this month from ReservationRewards.com for $9. Never heard of them before and never authorized them to charge my card, so I was a bit puzzled how they got my credit card number. [Read More]

Internet Explorer 7 Beta!

Yeah! The public Beta is finally here! I have only just installed it, but all looks good so far. I have viewed most of the recent sites I have designed and they all work fine, just a few minor glitches here and there. IE7 seems to handle some instances of padding and or margins differently [Read More]

Linux is here

Kubuntu is a Linux distro with KDE that works. It actually works well enough for a Linux noob like me to install and use. So what is so special? It was easier to install then XP, that what is so special. Not that you have to install it, they offer a ‘livecd‘ that lets you [Read More]

MAC on a PC???

mac_on_pc, originally uploaded by James Fryer. Oh, this was cool. Download Squad has a link to FlyakiteOSX who have assembled a bunch of hacks to that lets a PC clone the look and feel of a MAC. I tried it out for a few days and was very pleased, but in the end I had [Read More]

AMD Kicks Intel… Again

Once again AMD is producing significantly better chips at lower prices then Intel. Yet AMD still has a very low market share. Makes one wonder if there is any truth the AMD’s accusation that Intel used unfair business practices to maintain their dominance. AMD chips have always been cheaper, and sometimes faster, so why have [Read More]

Massachusetts, OpenDocument, and THE Microsoft

Massachusetts is proposing to implement a new file format for all government documents called OpenDocument. OpenDocument is an open source XML based standard document format for text, spreadsheet, chart, and graphical documents. It allows users to share files across different office suites seamlessly, no interpolation required. From what I understand about OpenDocument, it is not [Read More]

The Colour of Magic : Lord of The Rings meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Pros: Great idea, first book in a wonderful series Cons: Not well crafted The Bottom Line: If you like Douglas Adams, you will like Terry Prachett, not necessarily this book, but definitely his later work. Review: Ok, maybe not the most original or clever way to start out a review, but I think it is [Read More]

HEY! Throw those spyware filled computers my way will ya!?

Holy Crap, HOLY CRAP, NO, I MEAN HOLY CRAP!!!! OK, I think I am better now. But wow, people are dumb, I Mean People Are Dumb, NO REALLY, PEOPLE ARE DUMB!!!! OK, really, I will be fine. But boy, how dumb can people be? So here is what is happening, people (supposedly smart people with [Read More]

Scam, scam, scam, scam….

Yippy I won a prize. Or at least that is what the blue post card from Silverleaf Resorts said. So maybe I was a little suspicious, but it said I am guaranteed to have won one of their great prizes. But according to this story, it is not a prize I am guaranteed to have [Read More]