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AMD Kicks Intel… Again

Once again AMD is producing significantly better chips at lower prices then Intel. Yet AMD still has a very low market share. Makes one wonder if there is any truth the AMD’s accusation that Intel used unfair business practices to maintain their dominance. AMD chips have always been cheaper, and sometimes faster, so why have the PC makers stayed away? Why has the low cost leader Dell not used AMD to further reduce the cost of their PCs? Both AMD’s dual core and 64 bit chips are beating the tar out of Intel, yet still not much movement.

I have both Intel and AMD chips in my computers and found the AMD to regularly be a much better value. We saved $400 on Jennifer’s last laptop by choosing the AMD version instead of the Intel version of the Averatec 3200. Which by the way is working out splendidly. My mother bought the Intel version and I intend to run some informal tests when we see her in December. But a $400 split is just too crazy to explain. Both have the same clock speed.

I wonder if Apple made another mistake in going with Intel over AMD.