Gene Hedge – New Website

gene-hedgeBefore I met Gene Hedge, he had struggled to find a web designer who would listen to the vision he had for his website. The other designers who he worked with were clearly good at what they knew how to do, but they forced Gene’s content into their own preconceived solutions. This did not satisfy Gene.

Gene had two strict requirements:

  1. He did not want to employ the typical “Light Box” design often used to display galleries of artwork
  2. He did not want the images of his artwork to ever be cropped by the browser window

Neither is earth shattering, but they are at odds with each other and with the general approach to modern web design. I admit that I too was hesitant, but I quickly saw what Gene was getting at and while the first requirement is easy enough to avoid, the second proved more technically tricky than I first imagined. Working with Gene, we came to a compromise where the browser window would only crop the images in rare edge case scenarios.

It was also clear that he would not benefit from building his website on the WordPress platform. Instead, I created a “static” site that requires no maintenance and is very fast.

Gene was the rare client who knew exactly what he wanted and it was a pleasure to help him build his vision.

Visit the site.

Hance Park Conservancy – New Website

Hance Park ConservancyInitially, I created a simple static place holder web page for Hance Park Conservancy that would hold them over until the park plans were complete and a full website could be built. But their expanding need to communicate with the public soon out grew the limitations of that first site. I was able to quickly put together a WordPress site for them that accommodates there content needs and is easy and quick to edit.

Like all my new site, it uses Responsive Design techniques to automatically adapt to desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens.

Visit the site.

Fountain Hills Bikes

Fountain Hills Bike Shop Website RedesignFountain Hills Bikes was using a stock GoDaddy template for their site which failed to capture the spirit of the shop and was not suited to showing off their bikes. I created a new site for them that focused on the owner’s priorities and added Facebook and Instagram integration.

The new site utilizes Responsive Design techniques to seamlessly adapt the page layout and design to best fit desktop, tablet, and smart phone screens while retaining the design intent and content strategy.

Visit the site.

Barbara Lacy

Barbara LacyBarbara Lacy needed to replace her old static site with a new site that would be easier and faster to update and one that better suited her aesthetic tastes.

We worked together to create a clean, simple, and elegant site that nicely sets off the bright colors and bold forms of her paintings.

Because the site runs on WordPress, content is easy to add and edit.

Visit the site.

Redesigned Site: Caregiver Insights Foundation

Caregiver Insights FoundationCaregiver Insights Foundation is a not for profit corporation located in Cortlandt Manor New York. Their mission is to inform and educate Alzheimer’s dementia caregivers through education videos.

I helped them to migrate from MobileMe to their own hosted website with embedded YouTube videos. Using WordPress as a base, I created a site that makes it easy to post, categorize, and find their video material. The site is also ready for language translation so it will appear in both English and Spanish once the Spanish translations have been completed.

Visit the site.

New Site: Slippery Pig Bikes

Slippery Pig Bikes Website ScreenshotSlippery Pig Bike Shop in Phoenix, Arizona is a unique shop that had a generic website provided by SmartEtailing that was not accurately or effectively representing the shop. I was hired to create a site that conveyed the spirit of the shop as well display their actual product line.

Like so many pre-packaged website solutions’, SmartEtailing gave Slippery Pig a cookie cutter experience. And worse, the inventory on the website didn’t match the inventory in the store! I built a new website for them using WordPress that gives them their own identity and a product database to manage their distinct bicycle lines. Visit the site.

Redesigned Site: Larry Knapp – Painter

Larry Knapp’s new site is now complete and online. I worked with Larry to update the design of the site and convert it to WordPress to facilitate updates. Larry is a painter who uses strong vibrant colors to create large impactful images of nature. We stripped the site of its aesthetic flourishes to bring additional focus on the paintings.

The simplicity of the site design combined with the extra large images really focus the attention on the art and lets it shine.

Shifting to WordPress has made categorizing the work much easier and will greatly streamline and speed up the process of adding new work. The addition of some social networking tools should also help Larry extend his reach and find new art lovers.

New Site: Oasis on Grand

I just completed a new website for a new artists’s live/work space: Oasis on Grand. I worked closely with Brittany Butler, the site manager, to create a website that would capture the spirit of the new apartment community. It was also a challenge to build in all functionality that this new venture would need to communicate all the goings on. This included sections for apartment and retail rental, publishing news about Oasis, and having an online gallery for the resident artists.

I really enjoyed working on such a different and unique project and Brittany was a blast to work with.

New Site:

I recently completed a new website for Lauren Grunebaum: Her site acts as an online brochure for her private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan. She treats children, adults, couples, and families with a range of emotional difficulties. These include: depression, anxiety, marital issues, parent-child conflicts, career difficulties, and coping with chronic illness.

We worked closely together to insure the site conveys the right tone and represents her in a professional manor. I also helped her setup a Facebook Page, and linked her blog together with her website to maximize her online exposure.

She has told me that she has already had many complements on the website design.

It was a pleasure working with her and wish her all the best!

Questions you should ask about your web site

If you are looking to create a new website or reinvent an existing but under performing website, the list below will help you focus on some important aspects and bring clarity to your site.

  1. What is your business (be concise)?
  2. What does your web site do for your business?
  3. Who are your customers and how well do you know them?
  4. What do your customers want from your web site?
  5. How often will you need to update your site and how do you want to do that?
  6. How do you market your web site?
  7. What related web sites will link to yours (colleagues, professional associations, etc..)?
  8. What technologies and services does your web site need (downloadable content, accept payments, blog, bulletin board, etc…)?
  9. What do you want your site to look like (make a list of other sites you like)?

After answering these questions, a knowledgeable web designer/developer should be able to help identify whether you need a traditional ‘static’ site, or a CMS  (Content Management System), or a blog, or some combination of these.

Some of these answers will help you think about whether to use traditional forms of marketing, or if social media might be a good solution.

The most important goal of these questions is start looking at your website objectively, from the perspective of a potential client or user. To create a successful site that resonates, learn to look at it from the outside in like a user/client rather than from the inside out like an owner.