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I have published the second Crucible Design Newsletter, but the first ‘professional’ one. Each newsletter will be archived on a brand new blog I setup just for that. If you missed both links above, here it is:

Newsletter #1

New Phishing Threats Typically, a “Phishing” scam takes the form of an email that you would receive from a large company that you may have an account with. Ebay, PayPal, and City Bank have been some of the most common companies that have been used as a cover. Though Phishing emails may appear to be […]

Dotster ‘does’ web design

Dotster now offers 'custom' web design. The part I like best is, "And the best part is our services are affordable, starting at just $199 for a basic 1-page site." Yeah, $200 for one page, what a deal. And what do they mean by custom? Their service starts at the 'Basic' level where the sucker […]

sweet new blog

Found a sweet new blog for people who like to make stuff, check it out – Make:.

Et tu, Google?

Oh brother, here we go again. It  was not enough that Microsoft wanted to take my business (web design for small businesses), but now Google has jumped in as well. Yesterday Google launched Google Pages, and it looks like the best low-tech HTML web site builder I have seen. It is free and has no […]

Oh, great, now Microsoft is after me

I design web sites for small businesses and I think I do a good job of it at a good price. Now, Microsoft is going after my slim little business with their new Office Live project. They are giving small businesses domain names, web hosting services, and web site design tools away, for free. I […]

Scam Alert : Shopper Discounts & Rewards

Well, I have just had a nasty little shock. At the end of one of my transactions with, I opted to get a $10 rebate. This required that I sign up with Shopper Discounts & Rewards ( Nowhere in the offer did it mention that there was a $9 monthly charge for this ‘service’ […]

COX – overpriced and unreliable

I have lived with COX in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area (internet and cable tv) for three years, the last two have been truly dreadful. My main complaint is that they continually change their services without notice in an effort to get the customer to pay more. For instance, they have changed their internet services […]