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Web Media Answers offers a range of consulting services:

Social Networking

FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs are ‘social networking’ websites and tools that can be used to build brands and brand awareness. Don’t get caught up in assuming Twitter and FaceBook are just for navel gazing, they are tools and how you use them matters.

Blogging can be perilous if you don’t know the waters and don’t take needed precautions. I can help you craft a company strategy that will expand your influence and build direct and meaningful communication with customers. Once a company embraces it’s customers and cares about them, the customers become advocates for that company. Don’t fight your customers.

Productivity Technology

There is a dizzying array of technology tools that can help you build and maintain your business, but how do you choose which is the best one for your needs and your budget? I have expertise in many forms of products from desktops to smartphones. I can break down the options and get up to speed to make a clear decision about the following issues:

  • Desktop, laptop, netbook, iPad?
  • Which operating system fits your needs, Apple OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8?
  • Backing up your data is critical, you can backup online and or to an external hard drive, what backup plan works best for you?
  • Need to be connected on the go? Would an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, or Blackberry work best?
  • What about software, do I really need to spend $500 for Microsoft Office?
  • How do I manage my ever growing number of user names and passwords?

The Big Picture (and the little stuff too)

As an Product Designer, I am trained to solve problems. As a website developer, my first job is to understand my client’s business. I’ve merged these two skill sets together into a powerful tool for analyzing and creating solutions for many different businesses. I don’t do accounting, but I can offer insight into why middle management is choking off innovation.