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Gene Hedge – New Website

gene-hedgeBefore I met Gene Hedge, he had struggled to find a web designer who would listen to the vision he had for his website. The other designers who he worked with were clearly good at what they knew how to do, but they forced Gene’s content into their own preconceived solutions. This did not satisfy Gene.

Gene had two strict requirements:

  1. He did not want to employ the typical “Light Box” design often used to display galleries of artwork
  2. He did not want the images of his artwork to ever be cropped by the browser window

Neither is earth shattering, but they are at odds with each other and with the general approach to modern web design. I admit that I too was hesitant, but I quickly saw what Gene was getting at and while the first requirement is easy enough to avoid, the second proved more technically tricky than I first imagined. Working with Gene, we came to a compromise where the browser window would only crop the images in rare edge case scenarios.

It was also clear that he would not benefit from building his website on the WordPress platform. Instead, I created a “static” site that requires no maintenance and is very fast.

Gene was the rare client who knew exactly what he wanted and it was a pleasure to help him build his vision.

Visit the site.