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Website Design Portfolio

Web Media Answers is proficient at creating web sites with aesthetic appeal, but the emphasis is on building websites for each customer that are founded on usability and success. Each client receives a design that has been custom tailored to meet both their technological and aesthetic needs.

“Static” web sites are rock solid and offer the best Search Engine Optimization platform. Once complete, static sites require no further maintenance unless the client wants to add or change content and that can be done at very reasonable rates. “Dynamic” sites are run on top of a database and allow for the client to add or edit content on their own like a blog. In fact, this website is running on the popular blogging platform WordPress.

Web Media Answers has years of experience in building and maintaining static sites and, as this site is an example, is also well versed in building dynamic sites based on WordPress.

I provide a range of services and can work with many different budgets:

Customized Web Site Package: $1,920

Other Services and Pricing

A sampling of sites designed by Web Media Answers:

Robin McCormick Jewelry and Design Studio Website ScreenshotRobin McCormick Jewelry and Design Studio

Robin needed a site to highlight the fine jewelry she offers in her Katonah, New York jewelry store. I rebuilt her site using WordPress and now she has the option to update the new jewelry herself, but she prefers to spend her time seeking new beautiful new pieces and working with her customers on a one on one basis. I update her site on a regular basis, but it takes much less time because the site is built to take advantage of many of WordPress’s built in automated systems. This means the updates get posted faster and at a lower cost for Robin.

Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

Gene Hedge – New WebsiteGene Hedge

Before I met Gene Hedge, he had struggled to find a web designer who would listen to the vision he had for his website. The other designers who he worked with were clearly good at what they knew how to do, but they forced Gene’s content into their own preconceived solutions. This did not satisfy Gene.

Gene had two strict requirements:

  1. He did not want to employ the typical “Light Box” design often used to display galleries of artwork
  2. He did not want the images of his artwork to ever be cropped by the browser window

Neither is earth shattering, but they are at odds with each other and with the general approach to modern web design. I admit that I too was hesitant, but I quickly saw what Gene was getting at and while the first requirement is easy enough to avoid, the second proved more technically tricky than I first imagined. Working with Gene, we came to a compromise where the browser window would only crop the images in rare edge case scenarios.

Gene was the rare client who knew exactly what he wanted and it was a pleasure to help him build his vision.

Visit the site.

Barbara Lacy – New WebsiteBarbara Lacy

Barbara Lacy needed to replace her old static site with a new site that would be easier and faster to update and one that better suited her aesthetic tastes.

We worked together to create a clean, simple, and elegant site that nicely sets off the bright colors and bold forms of her paintings.

Because the site runs on WordPress, content is easy to add and edit.

Visit the site.

Hance Park Conservancy – New WebsiteHance Park Conservancy

Initially, I created a simple static place holder web page for Hance Park Conservancy that would hold them over until the park plans were complete and a full website could be built. But their expanding need to communicate with the public soon out grew the limitations of that first site. I was able to quickly put together a WordPress site for them that accommodates there content needs and is easy and quick to edit.

Like all my new site, it uses Responsive Design techniques to automatically adapt to desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens.

Fountain Hills Bikes – New WebsiteFountain Hills Bikes

Fountain Hills Bikes was using a stock GoDaddy template for their site which failed to capture the spirit of the shop and was not suited to showing off their bikes. I created a new site for them that focused on the owner’s priorities and added Facebook and Instagram integration.

The new site utilizes Responsive Design techniques to seamlessly adapt the page layout and design to best fit desktop, tablet, and smart phone screens while retaining the design intent and content strategy.

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Slippery Pig BikesSlippery Pig Bikes Website Screenshot

Slippery Pig Bike Shop in Phoenix, Arizona is a unique shop that had a generic website provided by SmartEtailing that was not accurately or effectively representing the shop. I was hired to create a site that conveyed the spirit of the shop as well as display their actual product line.

Like so many pre-packaged website ‘solutions’, SmartEtailing gave Slippery Pig a cookie cutter experience. And worse, the inventory on the website didn’t match the inventory in the store! I built a new website for them using WordPress that gives them their own identity and a product database to manage their distinct bicycle lines.

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Caregiver Insights Foundation Website ScreenshotCaregiver Insights Foundation

Caregiver Insights Foundation is a not for profit corporation located in Cortlandt Manor New York. Their mission is to inform and educate Alzheimer’s dementia caregivers through education videos.

I helped them to migrate from MobileMe to their own hosted website with embedded YouTube videos. Using WordPress as a base, I created a site that makes it easy to post, categorize, and find their video material. The site is also ready for language translation so it will appear in both English and Spanish once the Spanish translations have been completed.

Visit the site.

A&M TableA&M Table Website Screenshot

A&M Table provides a fresh and modern take on tableware and home accessories. Everything you need for serving or entertaining you will find here.

A&M was using GoDaddy’s WebSite Tonight self design package to create their website, but they were not able to get the precise aesthetic or functionality that they wanted. I rebuilt their website in WordPress to match their needs more fully. They now regularly manage the site and add new content themselves.

Mentor Path Website ScreenshotDavid Krueger :
Mentor Path

Dr. Krueger of Mentor Path is a highly respected Life Coach and Mentor who has had a distinguished and varied career over the years. He is a recognized leader in his field.

I built the Mentor Path site from scratch and included many features along the way that help to market David’s many fields of expertise.

In 2009 I designed a new template for David’s site when he needed to move it to a more advanced CMS based site.

Screenshot of Donna Hacker's websiteThe Chalice Group

The Chalice Group is a husband and wife who both practice Life Coaching but in their own distinct ways. Donna, with years of entrepreneurial retail experience, knows her way around the sink holes that plague small businesses and guides her clients to safe ground and sound profits.

Hooper identifies himself as ‘eclectic’ in outlook and cites the works of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Richard Alpert, Leo Buscaglia, and Robert Puryear as favorites among those who influence him. He developed and uses his system, ELMS – (Effective Life Management Skills) and also utilizes operational truth exercises.

I worked with Donna and Hooper to come up with a small grouping of sites that would fit together effectively while still maintaining their individual distinctiveness.

Visit the site. (Wayback Machine Archive)

Screenshot of Lynn Pearl's WebsiteLynn Pearl, PhD.

Lynn Pearl is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in NYC. Lynn knows that everyone is different and that is why she uses her years of experience to craft a practical treatment plan specific to each client.

Lynn had a lot of ideas about how she wanted her site to look and I worked closely with her to craft a layout and aesthetic that met her needs. But I was concerned that some of the techniques we needed to employ to fully realize her vision would leave her site not fully accessible. So I took the opportunity to acquaint myself with the process of optimizing a website for alternate devices like the iPhone. I was able to create a site that reassembles itself on the fly so that the visitor has an optimal experience regardless of whether they are using a laptop or smart phone.

Visit the site.

More projects

The Global Knowledge Initiative: GKI Builds global knowledge partnerships between people and institutions of higher education and research and creates projects aimed at increasing growth and prosperity for all. This is not a site Web Media Answers designed, just maintain with updates.

Donna Fedor: is a success coach and when speaking of Donna, that’s no hyperbole.

Judith Schweiger Levy, PhD: Dr. Levy has developed an expertise from many fields of psychology to help you to jump across the hurdles that keep you stalled or running in place.

All Ways Options: Life Coaching that helps individuals design and achieve positive goals. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

Affinity People Solutions: is a specialized recruiting company in San Jose, California.

Larry Knapp: A painter based in Houston, Texas. Crucible Design worked closely with Mr. Knapp to create his site.

Solomon Kane: is a Houston artist who creates wildly colorful, yet philosophically challenging works.

Robert Derr: This local Houston sculptor and furniture artist wanted a clean and simple site. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

gallery3 co-op: An art gallery in Houston, Texas specializing in furniture and fine art. The quality of the content suggested a minimal site design that would recede and allow the viewer to focus on the art work. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

GALLERY3.NetWORK was an online porfolio for artists. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

After the Lens: A site dedicated to showing digitally or otherwise manipulated images. The main event for the year is a FotoFest show hosted at Gallery 3.

Training Wheels: is a rider education service in College Station servicing the greater College Station/Bryan area, Brenham, and Hunstville.

SMART Family System: The SMART Family System is a web-based software program designed to equip parents with the tools necessary to raise responsible and independent children. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

Seabella Cruises: Personalized cruise agent.

Veterinary Answers: Provides Veterinary Telemedicine with a range of boarded specialists. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

BJLA Architecture: stresses a commitment to quality professional services for our clients, dealing with new construction, renovation, restoration and rehabilitation. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

KVM Design: A high end design and fabrication Company in Houston, Texas specializing in finding solutions to difficult problems. We worked closely with the principle of KVM design to implement a structure and design that suited his business.

The Tarnow Center for Self-Management in Houston, Texas is a multifaceted practice that encompasses the specialties of psychiatry, psychology, speech and language, education, vocational work and counseling. I was hired to redesign the site to not only update it aesthetically, but also to make it easier to maintain and to be optimized for search engine indexing.

Managed Work Services of New York delivers customized and personalized value-added employment solutions and successes. They work both with employers and job seekers to find and foster the right match. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

ADHD Self Management Center Online: The culmination of 60 years of personal struggle with ADHD and 30 years of professional research as a Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist

Sandra Rosenberg: People who consult with me hope to change the way they care for themselves and learn new coping strategies. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

China One Source: An engineering firm with offices in the USA and a broad network in Asia. They work to facilitate cost reduction. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)

Champagne Associates, P.C.: A full-time consulting engineering firm, with offices in New Rochelle, Troy, Hamburg, New York; Old Saybrook, Connecticut; West Orange, New Jersey and Leavenworth, Washington. Visit Site (Wayback Machine Archive)